Alfred Rimmer (1820-1893)


Alfred Rimmer (1820-1893)
English architect, artist & author
A. Rimmer ; Al Rimmer ;
[Born August 9, 1829 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England – died October 27, 1893 in Chester, Cheshire, England]


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Alfred Rimmer (1820-1893) biography:

Birth: August 9, 1829 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England ;
Death: October 27, 1893 in Chester, Cheshire, England ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Leo ;

Known for: Architecture ; books on ancient architecture and art ;
Medium: Oil ; pencil ;
Technique: Painting ; drafting ; drawing ;

Areas: Liverpool, Lancashire, England (1820-1858) ; Montreal, Canada (1858-1870) ; Chester, Cheshire, England (1870-1893) ;
Region: Europe ; North America ;
Lived: Liverpool, Lancashire, England (1820-1858) ; Montreal, Canada (1858-1870) ; Chester, Cheshire, England (1870-1893) ;
Father: Thomas Rimmer (1789-?), timber merchant ;
Mother: Mary (Burroughs) Rimmer (1821-?) ;
Relatives: Ann Rimmer (1821-?), sister ; Alice Rimmer (1823-?), sister ; Thomas Rimmer (1824-?), brother ; Edward Rimmer (1827-?), brother ; Harriet Rimmer (1831-?), sister ;
Spouse: Frances (Parkinson) Rimmer (1839-1898), wife, Liverpool, England ;
Children: Frances Jessie Rimmer (1859-1939), daughter ; Alfred Edward Buckley Rimmer (1860-1902), son ; Francis de Winton Littleton Rimmer (1864-1884), son ; Thomas Westley Rimmer (1867-1923), son ; Heber Rimmer (1869-1895), son, also an architect ; Maria H Rimmer (1875-1907), daughter ; Edward Rimmer (1879-?), son ;

Training: Liverpool College, Liverpool, England under the Reverend John Saul Howson (1816-1885) ;
Work: Apprenticed to architect Cunningham, Liverpool, England ; Worked as an architect until 1858 ; Became consul-general for Denmark and justice of the peace in Montreal, Canada ; Published several books including: Ancient Halls of Lancashire, from Original Drawings, (Liverpool, 1852), and contributed two papers on ancient domestic architecture to the ‘Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire’ (1800-1852). For the same journal he wrote in 1871 a paper on ‘Peculiarities of the Gothic Architecture of Chester and its Neighbourhood.’ In conjunction with Dean Howson he produced in 1872 Chester as it was,’ and in 1875 illustrated the dean’s work River Dee: its Aspect and History. His other works, all illustrated by himself, were: Ancient Stone Crosses of England, (1875); Ancient Streets and Homesteads of England, (1877); Pleasant Spots around Oxford, (1878); Our Old Country Towns, (1881); Rambles about Eton and Harrow, (1882); Early Homes of Prince Albert, (1882); About England with Dickens, (1883); Stonyhurst Illustrated, (1884); Summer Rambles round Manchester (reprinted from the Manchester Guardian), (1890) and Rambles round Rugby (1892).


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