Ashod Zorian (1905-1970)


Ashod Zorian (1905-1970)
A. Zorian ;
Turkish-Egyptian Fauvist figure, landscape and still-life painter ;
[Born 1905 in Girasun, Turkey – died June 4, 1970 in Cairo, Egypt]


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Ashod Zorian (1905-1970) biography:

Birth: 1905 in Girasun, Turkey ;
Death: June 4, 1970 in Cairo, Egypt ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern ; 
[unknown] ;

Known for: Images of women ; Fauvist figures ;
Medium: Oil ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: Women ; woman ; female ; still-life ; landscapes ;

Areas: Girasun, Turkey ; Şebinkarahisar, Turkey ; Istanbul, Turkey ; Kayseri, Turkey ; Batumi, Turkey ; Sokhumi, Turkey ; Alexandria, Egypt ; Cairo, Egypt (1941) ;
Region: Middle East ;
Lived: Girasun, Turkey ; Şebinkarahisar, Turkey ; Istanbul, Turkey ; Kayseri, Turkey ; Batumi, Turkey ; Sokhumi, Turkey ; Alexandria, Egypt ; Cairo, Egypt (1941) ;
Father: Apig Zorian (?-?), lawyer, murdered by a mob of Anti-Armenian Turks ;
Mother:  [unknown] (?-?), played piano ;
Relatives: Sister ;

Training: Armenian National School, Girasun, Turkey (?-1915) ; Armenian Yesayan Orphanage, Istanbul, Turkey ; Wiener Kunstschule, Vienna, Austria (1922) ; Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy under Umberto Coromaldi ; Academie de France at the Villa Medicis, Rome, Italy (1926-1928) ;

Taught: Boghosian Armenian National School, Alexandria, Egypt (1941) ; Kalousdian Armenian National School at Boulaq, Cairo, Egypt (1941-1952) ; Privately in his studio, Cairo, Egypt (1952-1968) ;
Students: Queen Farida of Egypt (1948) ; Harmig Ballarian ; Nora Ipekian ; Eliz Partan ; Joseph Egoyan ; Shushan Deuletian-Egoyan ; Rose Papazian ; Chant Avedissian ; Vahé Varjabedian ; Laila Ezzat ; Mervat Refaat ; Herant Antranikian ;

Exhibited with: Biennale of Circolo Artistico, Rome, Italy (1929) ; Annual Salon Exhibitions, Alexandria, Egypt ; Galerie Grégoire, Alexandria, Egypt, solo show (1939) ; Hotel Continental, Cairo, Egypt, solo show (1942) ; Société Orientale de publicité, Cairo, Egypt, solo show (1944) ; Gallery A.D.A.M., Cairo, Egypt, solo show (1948) ; French Cultural Center, Cairo, Egypt, solo show (1969) ; annual saloons of Cairo and Alexandria; in the biennale of Alexandria (1955 and 1957); in the winter saloon of Paris (1952); and in the four great shows of Armeno-Egyptian artists in Cairo (in 1945, 1958 and 1962), and in Alexandria (in 1953) ;
Awards: Third Annual Salon of Alexandria, Egypt, bronze medal (1932) ;

Milestones: Ashod and his sister were purchased and forced into servitude by a family in Şebinkarahisar, Turkey and then passed to another family where they changed his name to ‘Hussein’ ; Ashod and his sister where then purchased by a man from their hometown, brought back home, set free and worked to get his family lands back ;



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