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Dr Thomas Bishop Sr (1748-1840)


Dr. Thomas Bishop Sr. (1748-1840)
English-American miniature portrait painter & enameler ;
T. Bishop ; Thomas Bishop ; Thos. Bishop ; Thomas Bishop ; Thomas Bishop, Sr. ; Dr. Thos. Bishop ; Dr. T. Bishop ;
[Born August, 1748 in London, England – died July 13, 1840 in Philadelphia, PA]


FAD record control number: 37313 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


Dr. Thomas Bishop Sr. (1748-1840) biography:

Birth: August, 1748 in London, England ;
Death: July 13, 1840 in Philadelphia, PA ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Leo or virgo ;

Known for: portrait miniature painting ; enamel portrait miniature painting ;
Medium: oil ; enamel ;
Technique: painting ; enameling ;
Subjects: people ; mythology ;

Areas: London, England (1748-ca.1789, 1798-ca.1799) ; France (ca.1789-ca.1798), leaves due to war ; Portugal (ca.1799-1810), leaves due to war and loses his son (1806 (also listed as ca.1804) also named Thomas Bishop ; Baltimore, MD (1810-1811) ; Philadelphia, PA (1811-1840) ;
Region: Europe (1748-1810) ; North East (1811-1840) ;
Lived: 133 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA (1816) ; North East Corner of Dean and Locust, Philadelphia, PA (1825-ca.1839) ; 213 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA (ca.1839-1840) ;
Spouse: [unknown], first wife, leaves him when he returns to England to deal with business, running off with his best friend and all of his possessions ; Tamsen Bishop (1769-1846), second wife, married 1799 ;
Children: Edwin Bishop (1800-1864), son, opened first auction house in Philadelphia  ; Joaquim Bishop (1803-1886), son, miniature / enameler painter and jeweler ; Angelica (Bishop) Barrett (1807-1891), daughter, a still-life painter ; Louisa Frances Bishop (1810-1894), daughter ; Cecilia E (Bishop) Newell (1818-1893), daughter ;

Training: France (ca.1789-ca.1798), studied to be medical doctor and learned enameling ;
Work: Royal Fabrics, Portugal, director of paper making factory ;


Exhibited with:

Milestones: His son was separated and lost to him during the Napoleonic wars of in Portugal (1810) ; Discovers his son’s whereabouts for approximately 25 years later while living in America who moves to join him in Philadelphia, PA (ca.1833) ; According to critics he was a kind man but “mediocre enameler and miniature painter” ;



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