Emilio Sanchez-Perrier (1855-1907)


Emilio Sanchez-Perrier (1855-1907)
Spanish orientalist landscape / seascape and city painter ;
E. Sanchez-Perrier ; 
[Born October 15, 1855 in Seville, Spain – died September 13, 1907 in Alhama de Granada, Spain, also listed as Alhama de Aragón, Spain]


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Emilio Sanchez-Perrier (1855-1907) biography:

Birth: October 15, 1855 in Seville, Spain ;
Death: September 13, 1907 in Alhama de Granada, Spain, also listed as Alhama de Aragón, Spain ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: Hispanic ;
Libra ;

Known for: Landscapes ; seascapes ; cityscapes ;
Medium: Oil ; watercolor ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: Paris cityscapes ; orientalia ;

Areas: Seville, Spain ;  Madrid, Spain ; Paris, France (1879) ; Venice, Italy ; Alhama de Granada, Spain ;
Region: Europe ;
Lived: Seville, Spain ;  Alhama de Granada, Spain ;

Training: School of Fine Arts, Seville, Spain ; School of Fine Arts, Madrid, Spain ; Private studio of Auguste Boulard (1825-1897), Paris, France ; Private studio of Jean Leon Gerome (1824-1904), Paris, France ; Private studio of Felix François Georges Philibert Ziem (1821-1911), Paris, France ;


Member: Fine Arts Academy, Seville, Spain ;
Exhibited with: National Fine Arts Society, Madrid, Spain (1878) ; Cádiz Regional Exhibition, Cadiz, Spain (1879) ; Paris Salons, Paris, France (1880, 1886) ; Exposition Universelle, Paris, France (1889) ;
Awards: Cádiz Regional Exhibition, Cadiz, Spain, gold medal winner (1879) ; Paris Salons, Paris, France (1886), commendation ; Exposition Universelle, Paris, France, silver medal (1889) ;

Milestones: Lived with Martin Rico y Ortega (1833-1908) in Madrid, Spain ;  Friends with Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny (1838-1874) ;



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