Frank McIntosh Arnold (1867-1932)

Frank McIntosh Arnold (1867-1932)
American marine painter, illustrator & teacher ;
F. M. Arnold ; Frank M. Arnold ; F.M. Arnold ; 
[Born in 1867 in Brooklyn, NY – died February 15, 1932 in Orlando, FL]


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Frank McIntosh Arnold (1867-1932) biography:

Birth: 1867 in Brooklyn, NY ;
Death: February 15, 1932 in Orlando, FL ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ;

Known for: Marine painting ; coastal painting ; seascapes ; portraiture ;
Medium: Oil ; charcoal ; pencil ; watercolor ; pastels ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: Water ; sunshine ; mist ; fishermen ; sailboats ;

Areas: New England coast ; FL ; Montauk, NY ; Long Island, NY ;
Region: New England ; South East ;
Lived: 528 Anderson Street, Orlando, FL (1915-1932) ; Long Island, NY ; New York, NY ; 365 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY ;
Spouse: Alice (Reed Daniels) Arnold, married Miami, 1915 ;
Children: Roy and Rex Daniels, twin step sons ;


Taught: Orlando Art Association, sketching from the live model & criticism, 1930 ;

Member: Orlando Art Association, honorary member & on the board, 1927 ; Salmagundi Club, member ; Kit-kat Club, member
Exhibited with: Salmagundi Club, artist member, 1898 – at least 1921 ;

Milestones: considered a leading artist in Florida in his time ; marine painting, Sunlight and mist, an old fisherman with his boat drawn up on shore unloading lobster pots, hangs in the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Orlando, FL, purchased 1928 & exhibited at the Salmagundi Club, 1905 (painted in 1904 or 1905), exhibited in various states and exhibitions and at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, owner of the companion piece, Sir Henry Jacobs ; close friend of artist George Inness ; studio at 10th street, New York, NY ; loss of $1,700 in a defunct bank pushed Arnold to commit suicide by fire ;



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