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Gaspard-Georges Belin-Dollet (1839-1903)


Gaspard-Georges Belin-Dollet (1839-1903)
French Golden Age Illustration etcher & wood engraver ;
Bellin-Dollet ; Bellin Dollet ; Gaspard George Bellin Dollet ;
[Born May 20, 1839 in Diou, Allier, France [also listed as Moulin, Oise] – died 1903 [also listed as 1902] in Moulin, Oise, France]


FAD record control number: 35959 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


Gaspard-Georges Belin-Dollet (1839-1903) biography:

Birth: May 20, 1839 in Diou, Allier, France [also listed as Moulin, Oise] ;
Death: 1903 in Moulin, Oise, France [also listed as 1902] ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Taurus ;

Known for: etching ; engraving ;
Medium: Wood ; metal plates ;
Technique: etching ; engraving ;
Subjects: After old masters ;

Areas: Diou, Allier, France ; Moulin, Oise, France ;
Region: Europe ;
Lived: Diou, Allier, France ;
Father: Nicolas Edouard Louis Belin (?-?) ;
Mother: Anne Antoinette (Ladeire) Belin (?-?) ;
Spouse: Martine Elise eugènie (Liera) Belin-Dollet (?-?) ;

Training: Petit Séminaire d’Yzeure, Moulins, France ; Lycée, Moulins, France ;
Work: Etchings after : Jean-François Millet, Jean-Baptiste, Corot, Harpignies, Flameng, Aubigny and Lalanne ; Originally worked as a tax collector allowing him time and money to etch & engrave ; Engraved several hundred etchings and drypoints ; Wrote treatise on engraving and on perspective [unpublished] ; Etchings for Frederick Keppel & Co., New York, NY (1887) ;


Member: Société des Artistes Français, Paris, France ;
Exhibited with: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, as a non-member (1883, 1884) ; Société des Artistes Français, Paris, France ;

Milestones: Admired most Rembrandt ; Critics felt his work was uneven ;



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