George Rufus Boynton (1860-1945)


George Rufus Boynton (1866-1945)

George Rufus Boynton (1860-1945)
American newspaper artist & military portrait painter “the painter laureate of Army and Navy life” ;
Geo. R. Boynton ; G.F. Boynton ; G. F. Boynton ; G. Rufus Boynton ; George Boynton ; Geo. Boynton ; George R. Boynton ;
[Born October, 1860 in Pleasant Grove, WI – died January 5 or 6, 1945 in Bronx, New York, NY of pneumonia at an old age home]


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George Rufus Boynton (1860-1945) biography:

Birth: October, 1860 in Pleasant Grove, WI ;
Death: January 6, 1945 in Bronx, New York, NY of pneumonia at an old age home ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Libra or Scorpio ;

Known for: Newspaper drawings ; military portraits ;
Medium: Pen & ink ; oil ;
Technique: Drawing ; painting ;
Subjects: Military personnel ;

Areas: Pleasant Grove, WI (1862-1876) ; New York, NY (1876-1945) ; Sherwood Studio Building, New York, NY ; Cragsmoor Art Colony, Hudson River Valley, NY ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: Pleasant Grove, WI (1862-1876) ; 51 West 10th Street, New York, NY (1881-1882) ; 57th Street, New York, NY (1900-1930) ; 48 N Maple Florence, Northampton, MA (1918-1919) ; Bronx, New York, NY (?-1945) ;
Father: Born in MA ;
Mother: Born in VT ;
Spouse: Mary Ellicott (Junius) Boynton (1878-1942?), wife, married 1906 ;

Training: National Academy of Design, New York, NY, student (1876-?) ; Art Students’ League of New York, New York, NY (ca.1876) ;
Instructors: Walter Shirlaw, C.Y. Turner, and J. G. Brown ;
Work: Painted portraits of : Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Secretary of State Elihu Root, Poet Edwin Markham, Rear Admiral Joseph B Coghlan, Major-General Charles F. Rowe, Reverend Dr. Burrall, Charles Knapp, Esq., Dr. Fitzgerald, General James Grant Wilson, General Anson G. McCook,  General George Moore Smith, General Stewart l. Woodford, Chancellor Elmer Ellsworth Brown of New York University, Dixon Ryan Fox, History Professor of Columbia University, Dr. O Neil, Reverend Joseph Elder, George Opdyke and many generals and admirals ;


Member: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, lay member (1897-1945) ;
Exhibited with: National Academy of Design, New York, NY (1881) ;

Milestones: Works hang in the Capitol Building, Washington, DC, US Naval Academy and West Point, NY ;

Notes: Birth date is often incorrectly indicated as 1856 and 1866 ; His obituaries have him incorrectly as 83 years old and others have him as 90 years old, he was 85 years old ;


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