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(Georgia) Genevieve Allis (1864-1914)


(Georgia) Genevieve Allis (1864-1914)
American impressionist landscape & still-life painter ;
(Georgia) Genevieve Allis ; Genevieve Allis ; G.G. Allis ; G. G. Allis ; Georgia G. Allis ; G. Genevieve Allis ;
[Born March 15, 1864 in Derby, New Haven CT – died February 9, 1914 in Derby, New Haven CT]


FAD record control number: 40195 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


(Georgia) Genevieve Allis (1864-1914) biography:

Birth: March 15, 1864 in Derby, New Haven CT ;
Death: February 9, 1914 in Derby, New Haven CT
Sex: Female ;
Ethnicity: White ;
Pisces ;

Known for: Impressionist landscapes ; floral still-life ;
Medium: Watercolor ; oil ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: Connecticut landscapes ; flowers ; farms ;

Areas: Derby, New Haven, CT ; New Haven, CT ; Paris, France ; Bermingham, CT (1890) ; CA (1890) ; New Orleans, LA (1890) ; Galveston, TX (1890) ; San Antonio, TX (1890) ; AZ (1890) ; New York, NY ;
Region: North East ;
Father: George Cornelius Allis (1835-1927), a wealthy jeweler ;
Mother: Mary Morgan (Warriner) Allis (1834-1907) ;
Relatives: Harriet Pierce Allis (1861-1935), sister, also an artist, painted mostly china ; George Cornelius Allis (1871-1871), brother ;

Training: Derby High School, Derby, CT ; Studied privately with several artists local artists while in high school in CT ; Yale School of Art, Yale University, New Haven, CT under John Niemeyer (1839-1932), with honors ; Paris, France ; Art Students’ League of New York, New York, NY under J. Alden Weir (1852-1919) and Benjamin “Ben” Forster (1852-1926) ;
Instructors: John Niemeyer (1839-1932) ; J. Alden Weir (1852-1919) ; Henry Bayley Snell (1858-1943) ; Benjamin “Ben” Forster (1852-1926) ;
Work: With a local church playing the pipe organ ;


Member: American Fine Arts Society, New York, NY ; Paint and Clay Club, New Haven chapter, CT ; Art League of New York, New York, NY ; Bridgeport Art League, Bridgeport, CT ; American Water Color Society, New York, NY ;
Exhibited with: Cutler’s Art Gallery, New Haven, CT (1889) ; Paris Salons, Paris, France ;

Milestones: Traveled to California via New Orleans, LA, AZ, San Antonio, TX, Galveston, TX with the tour guide company Raymond & Whitcomb with guides Luther L Holden and Henry C Ryan (January 6, 1890) ; Suffered from depression and was committed to a sanatorium in Woodbury, CT, 1913 ; Two months after being committed she took her own life by jumping from the Derby Bridge into the Housatonic River, New Haven, CT, 1914 ;  Suffered recurring nervous breakdowns after her mother’s death in 1907 and continuing through her life ; Very active in the Bridgeport Art League, Bridgeport, CT and was responsible for bringing important art lectures to the organization ; Also studied music, played several instruments including the pipe organ ;  Thought her dead mother called her into a field while committed in the Woodbury Sanatorium, Woodbury, CT ; In the end the artist only weighed about 99 lbs. ; The President of Yale University, Hadley, owned several of Allis’ works ; Work hangs in the Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA ;



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