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(James) Junius Allen Jr (1898-1962)


(James) Junius Allen Jr (1898-1962)
American landscape and seascape painter ;
Junius Allen ; James J. Allen ; James J. Allen, Jr. ; J.J. Allen ; J. J. Allen ; J. Junius Allen ;
[Born October, 1898 in Summit, NJ – died July 8, 1962 in New York, NY]


FAD record control number: 54430 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


(James) Junius Allen Jr (1898-1962) biography:

Birth: October, 1898 in Summit, NJ ;
Death: July 8, 1962 in New York, NY ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Libra ;

Known for: Landscape painting ; seascape painting ; coastal landscapes ;
Medium: Oil ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: fishing villages ; sea ; ocean ; landscape ; hills ; mountains ; harbors ;

Areas: NJ ; New York, NY ; Hanover, Morris, NJ (1900) ; Union, NJ (1910) ; Worcester, MA (1914) ; Summit, NJ (1898, 1930) ; Milburn, NJ (1934) ; Bermuda (1934) ; Hackensack, NJ ; Provincetown, MA ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: NJ ; New York, NY ; Morris, NJ (1900) ; Union, NJ (1910) ; Summit, NJ (1930) ; Milburn, NJ (1934) ;
Father: James Junius Allen Sr (1867-1933) ;
Mother: Martha Gaunt (Woodward) Allen (1867-1945) ;
Relatives: Edwin Woodward Allen (1896-1978), brother ; Thomas Musgrave Allen (1902-?), brother ; Ethan A Allen (1907-1999), brother ;
Spouse: Clara Ray (Farwell) Allen (1899-1987), wife, married December 11, 1925 ;
Children: Patricia Allen (1928-?), daughter ;

Training: Kingsley Preparatory School, Elmhurst, NY ; Mentored by Arthur William Woelfle (1873-1936) ; New York School of Fine and Applied Art, New York, NY (ca.1919) ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY ; Studied under Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930), Francis Coates Jones (1857-1932), George Willoughby Maynard (1843-1923), Ivan Gregorewitch Olinsky (1878-1962) and George Elmer Browne (1871-1946) ;
Instructors: Arthur William Woelfle (1873-1936) ; Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930) ; Francis Coates Jones (1857-1932) ; George Willoughby Maynard (1843-1923) ; Ivan Gregorewitch Olinsky (1878-1962) ; George Elmer Browne (1871-1946) ;
Work: Portrait of Ethan Allen hung in a submarine of the same name ; Worked for a lithography company, New York, NY (ca.1919) ;


Member: National Academy of Design, New York, NY, academician (1941-1962) ; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY (1930-1962), president (1957-1958), board of directors (1953-1954, 1957-1958, 1962-1963), corresponding secretary (1953-1954, 1962-1963), 1st vice-president (1948-1949), library committee (1938-1939), admissions committee vice-chairman (1939-1941, 1942-1943), admissions committee (1941-1942, 1962-1963), admissions committee ex-officio (1953-1954) ;
Exhibited with: Plainfield Public Library, art gallery, Plainfield, NJ (April 4-14, 1931), shown A Provincetown house ; New York World’s Fair, New York, NY (1939) ; Audubon Artists, New York, NY ; New Rochelle Art Association, New Rochelle, NY (1952) ; American Artists Professional League, New York, NY ; Plainfield Art Association, Painfield, NJ (1951) ; Montclair Art Association, Montclair, NJ (1951) ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY (1933) (1955) ; New Jersey Gallery, Newark, NJ (1934) ; Allied Artists of America, New York, NY (1943, 1949) ; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, shown Summertime, Provincetown (1930), shown A backyard in Provincetown (1931), shown On Chip Hill, Provincetown (1932), shown A bit of Gloucester (1933), shown The lobsterman (1933), shown By the Tide-Provincetown (1934), shown Old Parker Castle, Perth Amboy (1935) ; shown Gloucester swordfisher (1935), shown Moutain top (1936), shown Lower Passaic-Winter (1937), shown Winter stream (1937), shown River street (1938), shown At City Hall Park (1938), shown Ravine crossing (1939), shown Winter landscape (1939) ;
Awards: Plainfield Public Library, art gallery, Plainfield, NJ (April 4-14, 1931), third prize for A Provincetown house ; Allied Artists of America, New York, NY, prize (1943, 1949) ; New Jersey Gallery, Newark, NJ, prize (1934) ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY, prize (1933), purchase award (1955) ; Montclair Art Association, Montclair, NJ, medal (1951) ; Plainfield Art Association, Painfield, NJ, prize (1951) ; New Rochelle Art Association, New Rochelle, NY, prize (1952) ;

Milestones: Entered 302nd Field Battalion, Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps, Capt Upton, Long Island, NY for service in WWI (1917-1919) ;


“Honoring the memory of Junius Allen, our distinguished past president, who died July 8, 1962, the Salmagundi Club has designated this as a time when friends of the artist and members of the public who knew his stature as a great American painter, may come in tribute to a retrospective exhibition of his work.

Under the Salmagundi roof, where so many years of personal dedication to the aims and ideals of his fellow artists occupied the thinking and devotion of Junius Allen, his work is now assembled with veneration and love.

Some of his greatest canvases are gathered here. Many others are in distinguished collections . . . the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Academy, the Montclair Museum, the New Britain Museum. Many have been recipients of coveted awards: the Hallgarten Prize of the National Academy, the Ranger Fund Purchase Award, the Gold Medal of the Allied Artists, three Annual Oil Prizes of the Salmagundi Club and the Club’s Medal of Honor, the Enders Memorial Prize, the Vezin-James Prize, awards of the American Artists Professional League.

The late Trygve Lie selected Junius Allen’s “Old New York Post Office,” on loan from the Metropolitan Museum, to hang in his office at the United Nations. Most recently Junius Allen was honored with a commission by the United States Navy to paint a portrait of his ancestor, Ethan Allen, for the Polaris submarine of that name.

Numerous contemporary artists of rank knew Junius Allen as teacher, friend and guide, during the years when he was teaching at the National Academy of Fine Arts, the Wayman Adams School in Elizabethtown and his own studios. . . . Born in Summit, New Jersey, in 1898, he studied at the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts and the National Academy. In 1941 he became a National Academician and served as Vice President from 1953 to 1955, and chairman of its School Committee until his death.

As President of the Salmagundi Club from 1957 to 1959 Junius Allen instituted the notable Artist Scholarship Program for the encouragement and fostering of gifted young painters. The Club shares with the larger company of American artists sorrow for the loss of Junius Alien as a fellow artist and pride in having shared in the career of a painter of depth and power and a distinguished human being.”

– from Salmagundi Club “Memorial exhibition : Junius Allen N.A. June 1898 – July 1962.”


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