Jerome “Jerry” Martin (1926-2017)

Jerome “Jerry” Martin (1926-2017)
American illustrator, Ashcan school painter, wood sculptor and teacher ;
J. Martin ; Jerry Martin ; Jerome “Jerry” Martin ; 
[Born March 14, 1926 in New York, NY – died August 15, 2017 in Great Barrington, the Berkshires, MA]


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Jerome “Jerry” Martin (1926-2017) biography:

Birth: March 14, 1926 in New York, NY ;
Death: August 15, 2017 in Great Barrington, the Berkshires, MA ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Pisces ;

Known for: Musical, sport, travel and scientific illustration ; figurative abstraction ; urban genre scenes ; mid-century abstract expressionism ;
Medium: Oil ; pencil ; pen and ink ;
Technique: Drawing ; painting ;
Subjects: Music ; sports ; travel ; science ;

Areas: Syracuse, NY (1930-1940) ; Rochester, NY (1952) ; West / Greenwich Village, New York, NY (1940s-1980s) ; Great Barrington, the Berkshires, MA (1990s-2017) ;
Region: North East ; Europe ;
Lived: 322 2nd Ave, New York, NY ; Syracuse, Onondaga, NY (1930, 1940) ; 1412 Ridge rd Web RD 1, Rochester, NY (1952) ; Great Barrington, MA (1990s), barn studio and living ;
Father: Michael Joseph Martin (1887-1942) ;
Mother: (Mary) Helen (Callaghan) Martin (1889-1976) ;
Relatives: Agnes (Martin) Snyder (1920-1983) ; sister ; Micheal J Martin Jr (1922-1946), brother ;
Spouse: Jean-Marie Martin (1937-), wife ;

Training: Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France (1946-1947), scholarship awarded from the US Army ; City College of New York, New York, NY (1947) ; Cooper Union Art School, New York, NY, fine art painting and drawing (Fine Art certificate, 1947) ; New York University, New York, NY, Bachelor of science, fine art (1950), Master of Fine Art (1951) ;
Work:Produced illustrations for magazines : Fortune, cover (1961), Sports Illustrated, Ladies Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post and Playboy (1950s-1970s) ; Grove Press, New York, NY (1964), book illustrations ; VAGA, New York, NY, lithograph publisher (1940s) ; Book on perception [unfinished at time of death] ; Illustrated book cover All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren, Delilah by Marcus Goodrich (1965) and The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson (1963) ;

Taught: Form, Structure and Symbol Forum, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, chairman & head instructor (30 years, 1960s-1990s) ;

Exhibited with:
Awards: Gold award from illustrators 61 ;




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