Paul August Reininger (1874-1911)


Paul August Reininger (1874-1911)
American Golden Age lithographer, Impressionist landscape painter & designer of silver jewelry ;
Paul A. Reininger ; Paul Reininger ; Paul August Reinenger ; P. August Reininger ;
[Born February 15, 1874 in Newark, NJ – died April 25, 1911 in New York, NY (also listed as NJ) of suicide due to depression]


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Paul August Reininger (1874-1911) biography:

Birth: February 15, 1874 in Newark, NJ ;
Death: April 25, 1911 in New York, NY of suicide due to depression ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Aquarius ;

Known for: Impressionist landscape painting ; lithography ; silver jewelry ;
Medium: Oil ; ink & paper ; silver ;
Technique: Painting ; lithography ; jeweler ;
Subjects: Trees ; landscape ;

Areas: Newark, NJ ; New York, NY ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: Newark, NJ ; New York, NY ;
Father: Ludwig “Louis” Reininger (1830-1880), Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, cabinet maker ;
Mother: Laura Caroline Charpentier Reininger (1841-1902) ;
Relatives: Albert Franz Edmund Reininger (1862-1924), brother ; Herman Reininger (1863-1865), brother ; Emma Reininger (1864-1865), sister ; Richard R Reininger (1866-1946), brother ; Bertha Reininger (1867-1942), sister ; Emilie “Emelie” Amelia Reininger (1869-1954), brother ; Herman Ludwig Reininger (1871-1896), brother ; [unknown] Reininger (1875-1875), brother ; Emma Laura Reininger (1876-1950), sister ; Robert Frederic Reininger (1878-1936) ;
Spouse: [none] ;
Children: [none] ;

Training: [possibly Germany] ;
Work: Worked as a lithographer ; created silver jewelry ; worked as a craftsperson and painter ;

Taught: Newark Sketch Club, Newark, NJ (ca.1898) ;

Member: Newark Sketch Club, Newark, NJ, active member & part of the art committee (ca.1898) ;
Exhibited with: Newark Sketch Club, Newark, NJ (1898) ;

Milestones: Was a small nervous man who eventually commits suicide due to depression ; “…Paul Reininger, who came the nearest to Van Gogh, in temperament and genius, even winding up his short career with suicide…This Reininger unfortunately went to pieces, nerves and heart, before he actually achieved a stable, sound foundation. Most of his things are in places incomplete and ticklish, but his sense of color-I’ll not go into details-the whole man was an abnormal little genius. His nerves broke down under the strain of his own intensity…” – Magazine of Art, “Gus Mager” by Guy Pene du Bois, Volume 7, 1916 ; Lived his entire life in Newark, NJ ;

Notes: Van Gogh-like painter ;


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