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Theodore Baur (1835-1913)


Theodore Baur (1835-1913)
German-American Neoclassical sculptor ; American West sculptor
Theodore Bauer ; Theo Baur ; T. Baur ; often confused with Theodore Baur, Swiss hotelier of Cincinnati, OH ;
[Born January 29, 1835 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany – died May 21, 1913 in Mt. Vernon, NY]


FAD record control number: 30755 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


Theodore Baur (1835-1913) biography:

Birth: January 29, 1835 Baden-Württemberg, Germany ;
Death: May 21, 1913 in Mt. Vernon, NY ; interred June 21, 1913 in Brooklyn, NY ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ;
Aquarius ;

Known for: Realistic public sculptures and monuments ;
Medium: bronze ; clay ; terra-cotta ;
Technique: sculpture ; bas-relief ;
Subjects: Native American ; Generals ; literary ;

Areas:Baden-Württemberg, Germany (1828-1850) ; New York, NY (1850-?) ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: 697 Broadway, New York, NY (1875) ;
Spouse: Charlotte? Baur (?-1887), wife ;
Children: possibly Theodore Baur, jr., son?

Training: likely trained in Germany ;
Work: Century Club, New York, NY, vase commission (1881) ; Mohigan Club, New York, NY, Indian bust commission (1886) ; Cell of the nymphs (1886), book frontispiece ; Louisiana Purchase Exposition, four reliefs (1903) ; Meriden Britannia Co, The buffalo hunt (1882, 1886) ; Joseph Johnson figures (1893) ; Dancing Bacchante (ca.1887) ; World Columbian Exposition, Orator,  Indian, Navigation, Fisherboy, Music (ca.1893) ; Parliament houses, Ottawa, CAN, decoration ;

Taught: Kate Lockwood Squire French, early female architect

Exhibited with: National Academy of Design, New York, NY ; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY ;

Milestones: featured in Art Amature magazine, April, 1885 ; Studio in Washington Square, New York, NY ;



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FAD notes:

– The artist’s great-great-great grandson has provided proper documentation on the artists birth and death dates, as well as other important information, via email and via phone, July 3, 2018 directly to FAD.


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June 3, 2018


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