William “Bily” Snel (1938-?)


William “Bily” Snel (1938-?)
American late mid-century modern illustrator, designer and musician ;
Bily Snel ; W. Snel ; Billy Snel ; 
[Born 1938 – died ]


FAD record control number: 54470 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


William “Bily” Snel (1938-?) biography:

Birth: 1938 ;
Death: ; 
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: African-American ; 

Known for: African inspired prints ;
Medium: Pen and ink ;
Technique: Painting ; drawing ; printing ; serigraphs ;
Subjects: Stylized people ; dancers ; Africa ;

Areas: New York, NY ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: 129 West 69th Street, New York, NY (1957) ;
Father: ;
Mother: ;
Relatives: ;
Spouse: ;
Children: ;

Training: ;
Instructors: ;
Work: Best known for an obscure Jazz / Rockabilly novelty 45 RPM music record from 1958 from his own record label Wild Records, One too many heads and Queen of Halloween ; freelance work for Hecht Department Store through Clifford Art Studios, Inc. (1950s-1960s) ; 3 Serigraphs Here come the clowns! (P-51) of clowns putting on makeup (1956) ; Produced troup of African-American ballet dancers for Ray Witt Company of Coral Gables, FL ; Illustration Bride, female Balinese wearing headdress (1959) ;


Exhibited with:

Milestones: Alexander Calder-like drawing ;



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