William Parker Bodfish (1858-1916)


William Parker Bodfish (1858-1916)
American Golden age illustrator, cartoonist & painter ;
W. Parker Bodfish ; W.P. Bodfish ; William P. Bodfish ; W. P. Bodfish ;
[Born June 14, 1858 in Wareham, MA – died August 21, 1916 in Wareham, MA]


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William Parker Bodfish (1858-1916) biography:

Birth: June 14, 1858 in Wareham, MA ;
Death: August 21, 1916 in Wareham, MA ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ;
Gemini ;

Known for: Travel illustrations ;
Medium: Oil ; pen & ink ;
Technique: Painting ; drawing ;
Subjects: Women ; children ; landscapes ; animals ; whaling ; hunting ; fishing ; South America ; Spain ; France ; Civil War ;

Areas: Wareham, MA (summers) ; New York, NY (winters) ; Spain (1882) ; Morocco (1882- early ca.1883) ; Falmouth Heights, Boston, MA (July, 1883) ;
Region: North East ; Europe ; Africa ; West ;
Lived: 11 East 14th Street, New York, NY (1886-1887) ; 153 4th Avenue, New York, NY (1888-1889) ;
Father: Parker N Bodfish (1824-1898) ;
Mother: Susan Green (Robinson) Bodfish (1831-1902) ;
Relatives: Francis Harris Bodfish (1862-1862), brother ; Edward Chester Bodfish (1871-1958), brother ;
Children: Evelin Bodfish Bourne (1898-1954), daughter, also an artist, studied at the National Academy of Design, New York, NY ;

Work: Harper’s Magazine, New York, NY, freelance illustrator, 1885-1887 ; Tressy’s Christmas illustrated by Bodfish (D. Lothrop & Company, 1880) ; Canonchet-Sprague estate, Providence, RI sketches for The New York Pictorial Weekly, New York, NY for an article on a high profile divorce battle (1881) ; Bodfish works for Wide Awake magazine illustrating various articles, 1882 ; The Silver City by Fred A. Ober illustrated by Bodfish, serial story for Wide Awake magazine which included hundreds of illustrations of a boy’s Central American search for the lost city of gold [based on the author’s own photographs of Central America] (1883) ; From the Hudson to the Neva by David Ker, illustrated by Bodfish and others (Lothrop and Co., 1883) ; Through Spain on Donkey Back, a collection of 100 drawings by Bodfish, considered an early precursor to the modern comic book layouts (D. Lothrop & Company, 1883) ; Through France in Sabots, serial story in Wide Awake magazine, Bodfish illustrated 50 scenes and 24 interludes (1883-1884) ; Old Times, Days and Ways by Luthera Whitney illustrated by Bodfish, 62 capital homestead drawings (1883) ; The Poet and the Children, poetry book for children, illustrated by Bodfish and others (Lothrop & Company, 1883) ; Wide Awake magazine, article Old School Days by Amanda B. Harris, illustrated by Bodfish (1884) ; Little People’s Art Book: Slate Pictures, Outline Pictures, Pictures to Color, and Pictures to Laugh at by Bodfish, children’s book (D. Lothrop Franklin and Hawley Streets, 1886) ; Wrote articles for Demorest’s Monthly magazine (1888) ; The Pansy by G. R. Alden illustrated by Bodfish and others (D. Lothrop & Co., 1888) ; St. Nicholas magazine, illustrated articles from Bodfish (1888) ; Scribner’s magazine, article illustration (1888) ; Bodfish works under Charles Stuart Pratt in the art department of Harper’s Youth’s magazine, New York, NY, 1891 ; The Ponkaty branch road and other stories for young people by Sophie Swett, illustrated by Bodfish (Lothrop Publishing Co., 1896) ;


Member: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, laymember, 1886-? ;
Exhibited with: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY (1887) ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY ;

Milestones: Falmouth Heights, Boston, MA visited by Bodfish (July, 1883) ; Recorded the westward expansion of the US after the civil war, illustrating it for magazines ; Served in his church in Wareham, MA (1871-1884) ;



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